To keep your exterior wood looking like new and avoid the expense of replacing unsightly damaged wood, it is necessary to apply a water resistant coating which will protect your wood from sunlight, rain, and general detioration. Some products may form a protective barrier on top of the wood and look good initially, but are of little value since they easily wear off (usually in less than a year) as a result of weather and (in the case of wooden decks) traffic. Far superior products protect the wood by being absorbed into the wood fibers themselves. These stains can last 2-3 times as long as surface film applications.


At Smitty's Woodcare, we use the highest quality of product to ensure the best level of protection for your wood. Our crisp colored sealant will resist even the worst types of damage from the elements. We use a concentrate formula to create a balanced, oil-based protection system that will provide unparalleled preservation of your wood. You'll be surprised by the clean burnished look created with our professional grade product.



Product Information

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